Thursday, February 2, 2012

My baby turns 2!!

If I had a time machine I would have gone back to the day my little princess was born and start writing her a mail everyday telling her how she grew up. I would write down even the minutest of the detail of each day. Things she does everyday, things she says everyday, the number of smiles she puts on my face everyday. But since I don't have a time machine and neither can I go back on time, I have decided just to write her a mail on every birthday she celebrates with us every year.
So my baby turns 2 this 6th Jan, 2012. She has grown so fast. It just feels like yesterday that she was born. The nurse placed a tiny girl on my hand saying she is my daughter. Oh God! she was so tiny. So tiny that it scared the hell out of me even to lift her up! Lest I might drop her or I might hold her in an inappropriate place that it would hurt her. And most of all the very idea of me being a mother was still in the settling down period. It was a transition period from a girl to a woman to a mother. I quickly kept her in the cot beside my bed as my fingers were trembling with joy, fear, uncertainty, and most of all due to the cold!!! She was born on the coldest day of the season!!
Today, after 2 years since her birth, many things have changed along with her growth. We have moved to a new country all together (though temporary) with new and different people. Saanvi has grown from a tiny little baby to an over active toddler who is always on the move. Also she has grown from a little crying infant to a non-stop talker. Since the time she wakes up till the time she goes to bed, the non stop chatterbox goes on and on and on!!! It feels great when she calls me 'Mama' in different styles! Some times 'Ma--Ma', sometimes 'MaaaMaaa' and sometimes 'Chonuu'...She often runs around the house looking for her father and shouting 'Sud'!! Feeds her doll with the toy milk bottle the way she drinks her milk. She kisses me all day especially when I am angry with her or refuse to talk to her. She also does 'Sssshhhhh' with her little index finger placed on her tiny lips when I ask her to say 'twinkle twinkle little stars', and then gently says 'tinkle tinkle lil stars'....
The feeling of becoming a mother is finally settling down within me. Day after day I see my little princess growing from just lying on her back to lying on her belly, then to lift herself up, then cruise herself forward, then to start crawling, then holding on to things and standing, then walking and now running....She has grown within a wink of an eye from an infant to a fine toddler!!!! My baby has turned 2!!!

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