Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Eye full of SNOW!!!

When I came out of Asda after the same boring weekly shopping, a whiff of the icy cold wind froze my spine!!!God! it wasn't that cold when we came in for the shopping!!! Right from the store's entrance I could see some flakes like things falling from the sky. What were these? I wondered? There was a snow forecast on the sunday, but today was a saturday! And it does not look like rainfall as well!! Is it SNOW!!!I wondered both with curiosity and excitement!! It was a moment that I had always been waiting for. Waiting for witnessing a snowfall!!! I really hope it was!!!
When out in the open and as the flakes touched my face I could not stop myself from jumping with glee and shouting 'snow atlast!'
By the time we reached home there was 3 cms of snow all around. I was so excited that I quickly put the little one off to sleep as I did not want to miss even a moment of my dream event. The freezing temperature outside could just not prove to be a deterrent in front of a super excited human being that was me from enjoying this historic moment in my life. I quickly grabbed the camera, loaded myself on with the woolens and out I went. It was 10 in the night, about 5-6 cms of snow all around, and an excited me out in the open making snowballs and throwing them all around.
As I woke up in the morning, and removed the curtain of my bedroom window, I saw a scenery that was just picture perfect. It was as if someone had thrown a white blanket all over. Our community lawn looked like as if a massively big white canvas topped with cotton was spread all over. Trees and shrubs were covered from head to toe branches of which were swooping down due to the weight. Snow Snow all around! It was actually 'an eye full of snow!'

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