Friday, February 27, 2015

Secret Words

They said I was too young, I said experience is the best judge not age. I carried on with what I thought was right. Life was so beautiful. The grass was green, the roses were red, the sky was blue. Oh! Life is so beautiful!!

They called me back, but I moved on. They told me I would sink, but I didn't care. They said it wasn't worth it, but I cared. Helping one to cross the river with the feet in two different boats is what I chose. Was I lame? Was I ignorant? Was I an imbecile? No I was in 'Love'!! Who cared about what's in the future when I can make future myself. Future with two of us. Future unseen. Future which was shrouded in the safe blanket of love. Love that will make us go through. Life with Love was worth living.

They said you will get hurt. I said Love is blind and lovers can't see. Life was a valley, in the ridges of the high mountains covered with green grass and endless swarm of colourful flowers around and surrounded by tall trees of love. I won't get hurt. All I will get is love and all that I have to do is love back. And so I did...

"What are you? why should I love you? What is there in you that I should love you back?"

Alas! The bubble of love was popped. Life had been brutal. It had shattered the fragile love into pieces. Trust broken. Damage beyond repair. A knot of infinity. Ad nauseum ad infinitum.

They said it's better to love and lost than to have never loved at all. I say if you fall in love with the wrong person you are good if you have not loved at all.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Travel and Living-Chapter 2-Darjeeling

My passion for travel was not an overnight transition especially when it wasn't a genetic disposition in my case. My parents weren't very enthusiastic travelers. For me travelling in my growing up days was travelling to my ancestral places for the vacations carefully divided between halves between the maternal and the paternal sides. One off vacations would be ones which weren't traveled to the seemingly familiar places. One such place I remember from my school days was our travel to Darjeeling. Adventure travelling had always intrigued me. Especially the ones in the hills. The deep valleys plunging down the hills, the view of the mighty Kanchenjunga, the view of the sunrise from Tiger Hill, Darjeeling is a place with which you call fall in love with almost instantly. It was a town of British colonialism with extensive tea plantations. The love for the black tea that can be dated back to the colonial rule and which is still prevalent not only in Great Britain, but also in this small town. Black tea with renewed fermentation techniques gives way to the the famous 'Darjeeling Tea'.

I remember for our journey to Darjeeling we had taken a overnight bus journey to Siliguri from Durgapur. I wouldn't say it was the most comfortable bus journeys I ever had, in fact not even close, given the state of the roads. However, I did not mind it much because it was a journey that I was making to unfamiliar surroundings and also because it was to a place which I found the most fascinating, a hill station. I still remember the hair pin turns from Siliguri to Darjeeling which made me puke several times during the journey. Yet I was enjoying the journey. The endless tea estates, the mountains, the small streams here and there, the sound of laughter from the back of the car. It was a journey of a lifetime for me. An entirely different experience.

Spread in ribbons of the Mahabharat Range or the lesser Himalayas, surrounded by stretches of emerald green tea-estates with a white jaded Kanchenjunga in the backdrop, there is more to Darjeeling than only the tea. It still has a train service which runs on steam. The remnants of the once popular mode of transport is not only enchanting but also very exciting, especially because it runs through the most picturesque landscape of the state. The famous Batasia Loop can be done on this Toy train. Posing infront of one of this famous 'Engine' was like witnessing history. Exploring the Buddhist Monastries, or sipping 'black tea' from the tea stalls when your energy starts to flag, Darjeeling is a traveler's paradise. And it certainly was no less for me too.