Monday, October 17, 2011

A New Life

My biology book said 'life starts with a dot'. That was rather strange. A dot develops into a whole new life. There are seven wonders on earth, but can anything be as wonderful as the creation of a human being.
My daughter was born on 6th January 2010. It was a little unexpected date since she was due on the 17th. I was admitted in the hospital on 5th jan since there was this doubtful discharge, no pain, and the doctors did not want to take any chances. Probably being the daughter of a doctor had its own pros and cons. The following morning the visiting doctor examined me and said, "The water bag has ruptured and since you still are not having any pain you need to have a caesarean immediately." God I wasnt even ready for it!
There was darkness everywhere with a big concentric circle in the middle, lines of which were disapearing to a rhythmic beep. As the last line disappeared, I heard someone say, "The chord is all around the baby."
Where am I? Was I in heaven? Suddenly I realized 'I was on the operation table and I was conscious!" I could feel the doctor tugging the stitches. I wanted to shout and tell them 'hello, do something, I can hear you, I can feel you. 'But I just made futile attempts. I could well visualize my motionless body on the operating table. I felt so helpless. And then I heard what I wanted to hear, "Its a girl." The beeps in the background suddenly intensified, beep(1)..beep(2)...beep(3).......