Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shining India's Emerging Talibans

During my graduation days in one of India's premier universities, people especially boys who were my friends used to tell me,'don't wear jeans here. People here are not educated enough to accept girls in these kind of western clothes. If someone does something that you don't like, then don't come and tell us, because we had warned you in advance. Its not that we are asking you not to wear it, its just that, since we are your friends we don't want anything bad happening or someone misbehaving with you.'

'We are not asking you!!Hello!Are you not able to hear what you are saying!I mean I am over 18 years of age and here is someone giving me moral lessons on what to do and what not to!!!!You say you are just concerned but do I need to ask you before deciding what to wear!!!' That was ironical because these people belong to that section of society which call themselves literate.....But is just being literate means you are educated!!

Twelve years down the line, its not only what a girl wears to a party or college it is also what she posts on her social networking page makes headlines. People want to dictate terms to a female on not only what she should wear but also what she should write. I mention the word 'people' because it is not only the opposite gender who issues such kind of 'Fatwas' but also our own gender leave no room.

We say our India is shining!India is a sovereign country!!Freedom of speech and expression is our Fundamental right!!!But where does all these theories go when two girl express their discontent of not supporting the bandh issued on the demise of some party leader!In the name of saving the culture girls are issued 'Fatwas' against wearing jeans or any kind of western clothes!Why doesn't culture come in when men repeatedly rape women on the streets of Delhi?Why doesn't culture come in when a father, brother, uncle sexually molest and rape a class 8 student for 2 years continuously in Kannur, Kerala?Where does your culture go when a group of 30-40 men molest a girl on the streets of Guwahati?Where does your culture go when men go for an IPL match just to ogle at the skimpily dressed cheer leaders?Where does culture go when a lift man rapes and murders a bright young advocate for just refuting his advances?

Culture is not all about clothes. Culture is about all the values which are embedded in you by your parents and passed on to your next generation. If parents have a Talibani attitude towards girls then that is what you pass on to your next generation. Being literate doen't really mean you are educated. A person who knows how to put his signature on a piece of paper is also literate but a person who not only knows how to sign but also knows the future implications it will have on him and others is an educated person. Passing out from a renowned institution doesn't prove you are educated if you are using it as a ticket to call for maximum dowry.

India can only truely shine if women are respected else it won't be any different from a Taliban ruled neighbouring countries. 

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