Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Autumn in London

The English weather is like the English women! Very unpredictable!!
Whether a British or otherwise, it has been rightly put. It is almost 3 months that we have moved to London from Delhi, the weather has always struck me. It is so very unpredictable unlike its counterpart in Delhi. Though I had heard much about it from my husband who had frequented this place in the last 2 years, yet the reality just hit my face strongly. They say that the worse is yet to come. 'THE WINTERS'.
I sometimes stop to think how bad can the winters be!!It is already dark by 5.00 pm nowadays. Well the days are no better since most of the times it has a overcast sky. It feels like the sun refuses to rise in this part of the world. God! as it is it is so depressing and they say that the worse is yet to come. What more it will be. Snow all around with the rain, wind and darkness. How does it matter although I am very excited to witness the snow for the first time in my life. I had seen the remnants of the so called snowfall, much of which had already changed forms and had flown down the mountains through neumerous streams and by streams the last time I had visited Kashmir. Hence, the very idea of witnessing a real snowfall in front of my eyes exites me so much that the chilliness and the all the more depressive weather hardly proves to be a deterrent.
What irks me the most is that almost everyday I wake up to a bright sunny day which eventually turns into the same old rainy and windy day in the next hour or so. The sun plays hide and seek all day round. Sometimes the weather seems just so perfect and pleasing that I am unable to restrict myself to the confinement of the four walls. But the moment I step outside to bask in the sun and gather some Vitamin D for my body, a dash of icy cold wind hits me which is enough to freeze me to death forget about gaining some Vit D.
So unpredictable as it is yet I have slowly come to live with the English weather and have also started liking it so much that if it is sunny all day it makes me think something is out of place.

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  1. hmm preparing for the first london winter..very well written