Monday, April 27, 2015

When dreams get wings

It was dawn and as two flowers danced
A sudden breeze made them glance
They did not look the same not at once
But they moved the same more than a chance

They both had a secret tugged in tight
Hidden in the leaves away from the light
Slowly one day they will come out to the bright
Poking and pushing with all their might

Two different fates hoped to take flight
One plain another with bright stripes
A common dream amalgating their sight
They were sisters fused by the might

As days went by their hopes slowly raised
Of flying past the blackbird and the summer graze
Sipping from the buttercups and bathing in gold
Where subservient dreams never turned old

The bees left, the flowers withered and fell
Nature had her own plans that they couldn’t tell
And then one day as the sun rose
One sister awoke with no one to poke

She flew past the singing blackbirds and the summer graze
Looking for her sister in the morning blaze
As the sun started to set and the nightingales sang
The search for the lost soul rested a day’s bang

As dawn came the sisters finally met
Just like the night went and the day set
One was a moth and another a butterfly
A joint dream separated by nature’s sly

Different bodies different souls
Joined together by a common goal
Fly high and soar higher
When dreams get wings drift higher

The world needs moths as well as butterflies
One rustic another polished fine
Everybody in this place cannot be a butterfly
But life gets meaning when dreams begin to fly

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