Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Glorified Diva

It is that time of the year when Indian cricket frenzy fans are glued to the television sets. Whether in the electronic stores, or on the internet, everywhere you turn you will find hordes of people glued to the television sets or the computers watching the Cricket Indian Premier League. Well I love the game of cricket, but if you ask me why I opine otherwise then my answer is that although I am a great fan of the game I detest glamorization of the already glamorized game. I hate it when I see people going hysterical over meaningless crap in the name of sports. It s not about a game, its all about money and of course not to forget the objectification of women. How many of the 'Indian Men' go to watch the IPL's without the skimpily clad women dancing to popular Bollywood numbers on their mind? I know I must be generalizing 'Indian Men' and their mentality, yet I might not be entirely wrong when I accidentally catch a glimpse of the game on my television set only to see lusting men ogling at these blond hair women. Sometimes in a classic Bollywood style I feel like asking these lecherous men 'Tere ghar main Ma, Behan, Beti nahi hai kya?' (Don't you have a mother, sister or a daughter back home) Or is it women back home have something different from these women who are busy dancing merrily to tunes they vaguely understand?!

Whatever the case, its not about these nugatory dance performances or the seemingly lecherous gaze of the men around, the point I am trying to make is that the game of Cricket has always dominated the Indian populace and will continue to do so. But in this cricket hullabaloo, we forget that there are other forms of sports which are not so blessed. There are players and athletes who do not mint money as the cricketers and the Board of Cricket Control in India does. People who also love their game yet are striving hard to make their ends meet. National and State level athletes who are in dire necessity of funds just to keep their training going. Sports associations who are cash strapped to the extent of bankruptcy. Associations who have world class players at their disposals but cannot back them due to lack of funds. Recently a State Level Boxer, Rishu Mittal, was forced to work as a domestic maid just to fund her training camps! Do we treat our esteemed players and athletes in this kind of disgraceful manner! On one hand we are paying crores of rupees in buying players for IPL and on the other hand we are forcing our acclaimed athletes into a life which is a vilification of their talent. And she is not the only example of our apathy towards our National and State sports champions who do not belong to the 'Divine game of Cricket', scores of other people from the sports fraternity are facing a similar fate while some fortunate ones from the Cricketing world have boundless money at their disposal!  

As an Indian I feel our country needs to learn a lot from the Western World and especially how to treat people who bring national honour with respect and dignity. It pains me to see an Athlete standing with a trophy in her/his hand and waiting for an Autorickshaw outside a stadium! Yes such was the scene when the Common Wealth Games were hosted in Delhi in 2010. While our cricketers swished past with their imported sedans, or flew business class, our athletes on the other hand faced such kind of step motherly behaviour from us. We fail to acknowledge that these athletes are also like the war heroes who have fought for the country's honour successfully and have helped in retaining her valor and pride. They have played their part valiantly and have made their country proud. And all they seek is some respect in return yet what we give is our indifference and unconcern. As a nation it is a disgrace for all of us.

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